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Map & Directions

Original Town – Carrollton, TX

Located north of Dallas in the heart of Carrolton, Original Town mixes cultures and traditions to create a bustling neighborhood. Residents can experience many traditional traditions and foods here. The area has a tight-knit sense of community.   If you head to Historic Old Downtown Carrollton in Original Town, you experience the full small-town charm found in this mid-sized suburb just outside of Dallas. Many shops and restaurants have not only existed for years but actively participate in the community by hosting events together and supporting each other. While this historic area may only go back to the '40s and '50s, it has changed little since, retaining its sense of Americana.

History & Culture

Once a minor train hub, Historic Old Downtown Carrollton grew up around the tracks in the late 1800s. The town grew rapidly after World War II, becoming known as a "grain and gravel" shipping center. Since that time, Original Town has kept the Americana look, even as the neighborhood grew. To enjoy a bit of this history, visit Graverly Park and the free A. W. Perry Homestead Museum. With 10 acres of land set up as it was in the 1900s, they show you a glimpse of life then. Original Town has become known as a great area for small local bands to get their start at the annual Festival at the Switchyard. Now attracting some major names as headliners, the festival has become an important part of the Dallas music scene. Not only can you enjoy the show, but also local food, as neighborhood restaurants set up booths within.


In keeping with the historic theme of Old Downtown Carrolton, all of Original Town remains extremely walkable thanks to countless sidewalks and safeguards. Taking advantage of the well-established bike lanes, a large number of residents choose to bike here to get around as well. When you need to go a bit father, hop on public transportation conveniently accessible throughout the area. Several DART bus lines run through Original Town, including the major 400 line. You can even get on the DART Green Line train from within Historic Old Downtown. In a pinch, you can easily call a rideshare through Uber or call a taxi. While public transit has remained popular in Original Town, many residents also drive. With quick access to Highway 77 and Belt Line Road, you can get to most parts of the city without difficulty. Residents have no difficulty parking thanks to the ample number of public spaces, especially a number of free parking garages.